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Size Exclusion: Gel Permeation Chromatography
Water-soluble Polymers
Polar Organic-soluble Polymers
Organic-soluble Polymers
High Temp GPC Columns

TSKgel GPC columns for organic-soluble polymers are packed with spherical particles composed of polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene (PS-DVB). Main differences between the available product lines are highlighted in the Table below. For a detailed comparison of the product lines, including solvent compatibility, follow the link.

Tosoh redefines GPC calibration.
Tosoh's innovative multi-pore technology produces particles that contain a broad range of pore sizes. Columns with an extended linear calibration curve can now be prepared without mixing particles of different pore sizes. Visit the TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ column pages to find out how multi-pore technology helps you speed up column cailibration.

TSKgel SuperH and SuperHZ columns were developed for High-Throughput GPC applications. Both product lines feature particle sizes down to 3μm, a column length of 15cm and column diameters of 6mm ID and 4.6mm ID (TSKgel SuperHZ only).

TSKgel Hxl and Hhr columns are conventional GPC columns of 7.8mm ID x 30cm, while particles sizes are 5µm and larger for the larger pore size columns.

The benefits of TSKgel SuperHZ-type columns over the conventional TSKgel Hxl-type columns are demonstrated in the following comparison chromatogram. Similar benefits are gained by using TSKgel SuperH columns over TSKgel Hhr columns.

  • Tosoh manufactures two distinct product lines for GPC of organic-soluble polymers. While each line is based on particles prepared from polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, they differ in:
    • degree of inertness, and
    • operating temperature range
  • TSKgel Hxl-type, SuperHZ-type, and SuperMultiporeHZ-type columns are most inert to sample adsorption.
  • TSKgel Hhr- and SuperH-type columns provide minimal shrinking and swelling of the column bed when changing solvents and allow operation up to 140°C.
  • Small particle, narrow bore TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ, SuperHZ and SuperH columns provide high efficiency, short analysis times and operating cost.
  • Except for TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ columns, all other TSKgel H-type column lines contain at least five different pore sizes.
  • Each product line contains columns for the analysis of oligomers to polymers containing molecular weights as high as as 4 x 10^8Da (estimated).
  • All product lines contain a number of linear columns that are prepared by blending particles with different pore sizes.

Table: Distinguishing features of TSKgel H-type GPC column lines 

Hxl and SuperHZ

SuperMultiporeHZ Hhr and SuperH
  • Ultra-low adsorption columns with limited solvent range.
  • Use TSKgel SuperHZ for highest resolution and throughput.
  • Use TSKgel Hxl if you can live with longer analyis times.
  • Max. temp: 60-80°C
  • More linear than 'linear' mixed-bed columns.
  • Improved MW accuracy and precision.
  • Like TSKgel SuperHZ and Hxl lines in terms of surface chemistry and temp. range.
  • Like TSKgel SuperHZ columns in terms of resolution and speed.


  • Low adsorption columns with expanded solvent range.
  • TSKgel SuperH for high throughput and high resolution GPC.
  • Use TSKgel Hhr if you do not have a need to save time.
  • Max. temp:140°C


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