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Gel Permeation Chromatography
TSKgel SuperHZ1000
TSKgel SuperHZ2000
TSKgel SuperHZ2500
TSKgel SuperHZ3000
TSKgel SuperHZ4000
TSKgel SuperHZM-H
TSKgel SuperHZM-M
TSKgel SuperHZM-N

The TSKgel SuperHZ column line consists of five columns with different pore sizes, TSKgel SuperHZ1000 through TSKgel SuperHZ4000, and three columns with an extended linear range of the calibration curve, TSKgel SuperHZM-N, SuperHZM-M and SuperHZM-H. The calibration curves are shown below.

Calibration curves for TSKgel SuperHZ columns

Main characteristics for TSKgel SuperHZ-type columns are:

  • TSKgel SuperHZ columns have been developed for High Throughput, High Efficiency GPC applications such as those encountered in combinatorial chemistry experiments.
  • The benefits of TSKgel SuperHZ columns over conventional TSKgel Hxl columns are shown in the following chromatogram.
  • Ultra-low sample adsorption, i.e., the columns show true size exclusion behavior for most polymers
  • Maximum operating temperature for TSKgel SuperHZ-type columns is 60°C for TSKgel SuperHZ1000, SuperHZ2000, SuperHZ2500 and SuperHZ3000, and 80°C for the remaining columns in the product line. See TSKgel SuperH-type columns for operating temperatures of 140°C.
  • Limited solvent range. The columns are shipped in THF, which can be exchanged for a limited number of organic solvents as shown below.

Solvent compatibility for TSKgel SuperHZ and Hxl columns
The column shipping solvent limits the types of solvents that can be used with each column type.

Column type

Shipping solvent*

Can be replaced with

SuperHZ and Hxl1






benzene, chloroform, toluene, xylene, dichloromethane, dichloroethane


carbon tetrachloride4, o-dichlorobenzene, dimethylformamide, dodecane, dimethyl sulfoxide, dioxane, ethylacetate, FC-113, hexane, pyridine, hexafluoroisopropanol/chloroform, methyl ethyl ketone, quinoline, cyclohexane


m-cresol in chloroform, up to 10% hexafluoroisopropanol/chloroform


dimethyl sulfoxide, dioxane, tetrahydrofuran, toluene

1) In case of TSKgel SuperHZ and Hxl, keep flow rate below <0.5mL/min during solvent change. Solvent can be changed one way/one time only.
2) All TSKgel Hxl, Hhr, SuperHZ and SuperH analytical columns are shipped containing tetrahydrofuran (THF), except High Temperature (HT) columns, which contain o-dichlorobenzene.
3) THF in TSKgel G1000Hxl columns cannot be replaced with dichloromethane or dichloroethane.
4) Prolonged exposure to carbon tetrachloride can corrode the stainless steel parts of a column and an HPLC system.
*  100% methanol cannot be used with TSKgel H-type columns; use this solvent with TSKgel SW-type or Alpha-type columns.
** TSKgel H columns may be specially ordered with this shipping solvent.

Recommended Solvents by Application for TSKgel H-type columns

Recommended solvent



polystyrene, epoxy resin, phenoxy resin, polycarbonate, polyisoprene, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, monoglycerides, fatty acids, polybutadiene, poly(methyl methacrylate), poly(styrene-butadiene), poly(styrene-acrylonitrile)

N,N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) +/- 5mM LiBr

polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl fluoride, urea resins, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyester, polyimido ether, polyimido ester, polyphenol (aqueous solution), polyacrylonitrile

o-Dichlorobenzene (ODCB)

polyethylene, polypropylene


polycarboxylic ether, acrylic resin, epoxy resin, polystyrene


nylon, polyseter, polyamide, poly(ethylene terephthalate)


polybutadiene, polysiloxane

Beware of extra-column bandbroadening
Column dimensions are 6mm ID x 15cm and 4.6mmID x 15cm versus 7.8mm ID x 30cm for conventional GPC columns. The smaller column dimensions translate to a reduction of peak volume by a factor of 3.4 (6mm ID) and a factor of 5.8 (4.6mm ID) versus the same component eluting from a corresponding TSKgel Hxl column.
Thus, your HPLC system may require optimization of components that can give rise to extra-column bandbroadening, such as connecting tubing, injector, injection volume, detector cell volume, and detector time constant.

Columns with linear calibration curves
The TSKgel SuperHZ product line contains three linear, or mixed-bed columns, in which particles with different pore sizes are blended to provide an extended linear calibration curve. The mixed-bed columns feature increasing linear calibration ranges, from TSKgel SuperHZM-L, SuperHZM-N, SuperHZM-H.



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