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Process Development Products
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Tosoh Bioscience offers five product lines to support your process development needs:

ToyoScreen Process Development Columns

ToyoScreen Process Development Columns are easy-to-use, prepacked columns containing our most popular TOYOPEARL resins. They provide a convenient, low-cost alternative for the evaluation of TOYOPEARL ligand chemistries to our traditional LabPaks.

ToyoScreen RoboColumns

ToyoScreen RoboColumns are prepacked with our popular TOYOPEARL resins and are designed to operate with a robotic liquid handling system. This approach allows automated high throughput parallel screening of resins and parameters.

Toyopearl and TSKgel LabPak Media

LabPak products are multi-milliliter containers of TOYOPEARL and TSKgel bulk media products. Typically they contain 3 or 4 different ligand types offered for a particular chromatography mode.

Resin Seeker 96-Well Plate Kits

Resin Seeker 96-Well Plate Kits are prepacked with ion exchange, HIC, and mixed mode TOYOPEARL resins. All components necessary to run an experiment are included in each kit: a wash plate and collection plate are included in each 96-well plate package.

MiniChrom Columns

MiniChrom columns are pre-packed with a range of TOYOPEARL, TSKgel and CaPure-HA resins. These 5 mL, 8 mm ID x 10 cm columns are designed for fast method development and resin screening.


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