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What’s your WHY?
Over the past few months I have had people ask me “What’s your WHY?” At first I was confused . . . what do you mean . . . why do I exercise every day (so I am healthy) . . . why do I refuse to drive in the snow (because I am a Florida girl and the snow covered roads scare me) . . . why do I go to bed at 10 o’clock every night (because I need eight hours of sleep every night in order to function), but that isn’t what they meant. What they were really asking me is not WHY but do I know WHAT inspires me to do what I do?  Read more...


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Check out the incredible lifetime of the TSKgel SuperSW mAb HTP column in Application Note 74.

Explore the many options from Tosoh for antibody analysis, including TSKgel SWXL SEC columns for mAbs and the TSKgel Butyl-NPR HIC column for mAbs and ADCs!


Now Available:


  • hydroxyapatite chromatography resin
  • exceptional separation properties and unequalled selectivity and resolution
  • for multiple classes of biomolecules
  • use in any stage
    in a process from capture to final polishing

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CaPure-HA Videos:

9th HIC/RPC Bioseparation Conference

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EcoSEC GPC System Prices are Frozen until June 30, 2015!

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Sample Analysis Program

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