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TSKgel Amide-80, 2 µm columns
EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System

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Coatings Trends and Technologies: September 15-16, Lincolnshire, IL

Polymers in Medicine and Biology: September 14-17, Santa Rosa, CA

Advances in Polyolefins: September 21-24, Santa Rosa, CA
Process Chromatography Workshop: September 21, San Francisco, CA
Process Chromatography Workshop: October 6, Cambridge, MA
For more events, please see our calendar of events.


Announcing an extension to our highly regarded TSKgel Amide-80 line: now available in 2 µm particle size.

A higher resolution, faster analysis alternative.

Browse through our e-application notebook covering the characterization of biotherapeutics and excipients in drug products using HPLC and UHPLC techniques.


CaPure-HA: Hydroxyapatite resin for the purification of biomolecules

Application Note 72 -- CaPure-HA Resin for Aggregate Removal from Monoclonal Antibodies

Have you decided that you want to use CaPure-HA in your process and are ready to order?
Receive a discount of 25% on your first order of CaPure-HA greater than 1 kg! Simply mention promo code S25HA. Orders must be received by December 1st. This offer is valid for 1 kg and 5 kg containers, up to 25 kg in total.

Are you interested in evaluating CaPure-HA for use in your process?
Beginning August 15th and continuing until September 15th, customers who have not yet received a sample of CaPure-HA can request one, free of charge!

TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein A HC-650F: The highest capacity protein A resin on the market today.


Turn up the heat on your polymer analysis: use the EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System.
All the advantages of our EcoSEC GPC System at elevated temperature.

Take a look for yourself and see the ins and outs of Tosoh's EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System in this video today!

GPC2015 Polymer and Polyolefin Characterization Conference 

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