HPLC Columns

TSKgel SuperHZM-N

TSKgel SuperHZM-N mixed bed columns are packed with rigid, multiple pore size, polymer beads that are blended to provide an extended linear calibration curve. Mixed bed columns are commonly used for unknown samples and for the analysis of polymers with a broad molecular weight distribution. These columns provide high resolution of polymers with molecular weights of less than 700,000 Da. The maximum operating temperature for the TSKgel SuperHZM-N columns are 80 °C.  The THF shipping solvent may be replaced by a limited number of organic solvents.
TSKgel SuperHZM-N column dimensions are 6 mm ID × 15 cm and 4.6 mm ID × 15 cm versus 7.8 mm ID × 30 cm for conventional GPC columns. The smaller column dimensions translate to a reduction of peak volume by a factor of 3.4 (6 mm ID) and a factor of 5.8 (4.6 mm ID) versus the same component eluting from a corresponding TSKgel Hxl column. Thus, your HPLC system may require optimization of components that can give rise to extra-column band broadening, such as connecting tubing, injector, injection volume, detector cell volume, and detector time constant.


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
19660TSKgel SuperHZM-N3Stainless Steel4.6151,825
19661TSKgel SuperHZM-N3Stainless Steel6151,743

Product Attributes

Matrix: polystyrene-divinylbenzene
Particle size (mean): 3 µm
Pore size (mean): mixed
Exclusion limit: 7.0 × 10Da
Max. temperature: 80 °C

Polystyrene Calibration Curves


Columns: TSKgel SuperHZ columns,
4.6 mm ID × 15 cm
Mobile phase: THF
Flow rate: 0.35 mL/min
Temperature: 25 °C
Injection vol.: 2 µL
Samples: polystyrene standards

Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
DS1201 TSKgel SuperHZM-N ProductsOperating Conditions and Specifications
IM01 TSKgel Column Instruction ManualInstruction Manual
LCAT01D TSKgel U/HPLC Columns 2019 Product Guide -- SEC, H Series ColumnsProduct Catalog
SR101 SuperHZ Series Ultra-High Throughput GPC ColumnsSeparation Report
P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
19314TSKgel SuperHZ1000-4000 and HZM-N and -M Guard Column for 4.6 mm ID columns3Stainless Steel4.62588
19666TSKgel SuperHZ1000-4000 and HZM-N and -M Guard Column for 6 mm ID columns3Stainless Steel4.63.5588