ToyoScreen RoboColumns

ToyoScreen® RoboColumns® are miniaturized chromatographic columns pre-packed with TOYOPEARL® ion exchange, mixed-mode, hydrophobic interaction or affinity media. Available in different volumes, they are designed to operate with a robotic liquid handling system, such as the Freedom EVO® from TECAN.  

This approach allows automated high-throughput, small-scale biochromatographic separations of protein samples by running up to eight individual columns simultaneously. RoboColumns are packed with TOYOPEARL® to our specifications by Atoll GmbH and are supplied in strips of 8 columns.

ToyoScreen® RoboColumns® can be used in a wide range of applications, including individual and parallel resin screening, optimization of separation conditions, scale-down experiments, as well as high throughput sample preparation. Binding and elution conditions, washing parameters, etc. can be investigated to explore the design space of the particular molecule’s purification process.

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