Dual Flow Technology

Unique Technology Incorporated in EcoSEC® GPC Systems

Both the EcoSEC Elite® GPC System (for polymer analysis up to 60 °C) and the EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System (for analysis up to 220 °C) feature the unique technology of a dual pump system and a dual flow refractive index detector (RI). These proven technologies are the foundation on which the benefits of the systems rest: excellent flow rate precision regardless of changes in laboratory temperature, and unmatched baseline stability.

The flow design of the EcoSEC® GPC Systems is created by the use of two pumps, both of which are temperature controlled, with flow paths of sample and reference sides. This two pump delivery system improves baseline stability by removing the effect of temperature fluctuations, resulting in consistent and accurate flow rates and reproducible molar mass determinations.

The refractive index detector in each of the EcoSEC® GPC Systems is unlike any other detector on the market due to its unique dual flow design. The EcoSEC® GPC System RI flow cell is constructed in such a way that there are two sides: (1) a reference side, containing a flowing stream of pure solvent and (2) a sample side, containing a flowing stream of analyte in the same solvent as in the reference side. This design compensates for the changes in refractive index of the solvent over time by continuously flowing pure solvent through the reference side of the flow cell. This results in superb RI baseline stability and reduced RI baseline drift. Another benefit of the dual flow cell is rapid attainment of baseline stability when the instrument is first started, as purging is not required.

For data demonstrating the advantages of the dual pump system and dual flow RI, visit the EcoSEC Elite® GPC System and EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System sections.