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The TSKgel® FcR-IIIA-5PW column is the second in the FcRγ affinity chromatography portfolio for antibody drug analysis. This column is a semi-preparative column based on a recombinant FcγRIIIA receptor ligand bonded to porous 10 µm polymethacrylate particles. The column can be loaded with up to 5 mg of mAb, allowing material collection in sufficient quantity for in-depth analysis of monoclonal antibody (mAb) glycoforms.

Like the TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR column, the TSKgel FcR-IIIA-5PW separates monoclonal antibodies into 3 fractions of affinity to the FcγRIIIA ligand: low, medium and high affinity. These fractions correlate with different mAb glycoforms and their antibody-dependent cellular toxicity (ADCC) activity. These columns represent a tool to rapidly link FcγIIIa receptor affinity with mAb function and structure. Characterizing each of the fractions with orthogonal methods allows for linking FcγIIIa receptor affinity to structural causes and functional effects. For this purpose, a workflow was established to determine the glycosylation pattern in different affinity fractions with HILIC-MS.


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0023532TSKgel FcR-IIIA-5PW10PEEK7.87.52,318


Product Attributes

Base material: polymethacrylate
Particle size: 10 µm
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
pH stability: 4.0 - 8.0
Ligand: modified recombinant  FcγRIIIA  


Glycan Pattern Analysis by HILIC in Three FcR Affinity Fractions; the TSKgel FcR-IIIA-5PW column can be applied to determine glycosylation differences in antibody fractions with different FcR affinities

Glycan Pattern Analysis


Fraction collection run on the semi-preparative TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR column and purity analysis for each peak by the analytical TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR column

Fraction collection and purity analysis


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Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
AN122 Monoclonal Antibody Characterization by Semi-Preparative FcR-Based Affinity Chromatography and HILIC-MSApplication Note
AN123 Characterization of mAb Glycoforms on FcγRIIIA-ligand by Analytical and Semi-Preparative ChromatographyApplication Note
DS1243 TSKgel FcR ProductsOperating Conditions and Specifications
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