Tosoh Polymer Conference


June 11-12, 2024  •  The StateView Hotel   •  Raleigh, NC

is a two-day conference that focuses on advances in polymer science, including novel synthetic approaches to polymers/biopolymers, innovative applications of these materials, and the utility of advanced characterization 
techniques within this field.

Join us at the StateView Hotel in Raleigh, NC to learn about the latest innovations in polymer science from the top minds in Academia and lndustry!

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Committee Members

LaShanda Korley
Adrian Figg

Matt Becker
Eva Harth

Bekka Klausen
Stuart Rowan


Discussion Leaders

Matt Becker
Eva Harth
Bekka Klausen
Stuart Rowan
Ting Xu
Bob Waymouth
Arthi Jayaraman
John Matson
Thomas Epps
Chad Mirkin

Brent Sumerlin
Susannah Scott
Kate Beers
Nathan Gianneschi
Sarah Heilshorn
Adrianne Rosales
Max Robb
Helen Tran
Junpeng Wang

Alexa Kunestler
Billy Neary
Josh Worch
Megan Hill
Marco Messina
Yuwei Gu
Andrea Carlini
Eileen Seo
Gabe Burks
Boran Ma

Ramya Kumar
Metin Karaylin
Diego Alzate Sanchez
Austin Evans
Spencer Brucks
Thomas Gartner
Neil Dolinski
Caitlin Sample
Jeff Self