TSKgel PWxl-CP Columns

TSKgel PWXL-CP Columns for Cationic Polymer Analysis

TSKgel PWXL-CP columns were specifically developed for the analysis of water-soluble cationic polymers. Composed of polymethacrylate beads, cationic groups are introduced on the surface of the TSKgel PWXL-CP packing material to prevent adsorption of cationic polymers and allow elution under low salt conditions. These columns show high theoretical plate numbers, linear calibration curves and high durability because the base resin is the same as that used in the TSKgel PWXL series columns.

Three columns are available within the TSKgel PWXL-CP series, each with a different particle size, separation range and exclusion limit, allowing polymers within a wide molecular mass range to be separated and characterized.

The calibration curves for polyethylene glycol and oxide are shown for each of the three TSKgel PWXL-CP columns.  



Mobile phase:
Flow rate:
TSKgel G3000PWXL-CP, 7 µm,
7.8 mm ID × 30 cm
TSKgel G5000PWXL-CP, 10 µm,
7.8 mm ID × 30 cm
TSKgel G6000PWXL-CP, 13 µm,
7.8 mm ID × 30 cm
H20 with 0.1 mol/L NaNO3 
1 mL/min
25 °C
polyethylene oxides (PEO) standards
polyethylene glycols (PEG) standards

Base Material: polymethacrylate  
Particle Size (mean): 7 µm  
Pore size (mean): 20 nm  
Exclusion Limit: 100,000 Da                         Visit the TSKgel G3000PWXL-CP product page.
Separation Range
200 - 50,000 Da           
Theoretical Plates: 16,000


Base Material: polymethacrylate  
Particle Size (mean): 10 µm  
Pore size (mean): 100 nm  
Exclusion Limit: 1,000,000 Da                         Visit the TSKgel G5000PWXL-CP product page.
Separation Range 
400 - 500,000 Da           
Theoretical Plates: 10,000


Base Material: polymethacrylate  
Particle Size (mean): 13 µm  
Pore size (mean): > 100 nm  
Exclusion Limit: 20,000,000 Da                         Visit the TSKgel G6000PWXL-CP product page.
Separation Range 
1,000 - 10,000,000 Da           
Theoretical Plates: 7,000