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Solutions for Virus Particle Analysis

Tosoh Bioscience’s Product Portfolio 

Tosoh Bioscience LLC is a major supplier of chromatography products worldwide, particularly to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Whether your needs are basic biological research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, agriculture, manufacturing, or other industrial applications, we have the optimal solution. We are a global leader in the manufacturing and sales of high quality, innovative pre-packed HPLC columns and bulk resins with the TSKgel® and TOYOPEARL® brand names. As experts in GPC, Tosoh Bioscience LLC offers dedicated systems for GPC analysis, the EcoSEC Elite® GPC System and the EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System.
Ca⁺⁺Pure-HA®, a hydroxyapatite resin for biomolecule purification, is a unique resin from Tosoh in that it is both the ligand and base bead.

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TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR column

TSKgel® FcR-IIIA-5PW column

This semi-preparative affinity
column is based on a recombinant FcγRIIIA receptor ligand bonded to polymethacrylate particles. TSKgel® FcR-IIIA-5PW separates antibodies based on the affinity of their Fc region to the FcγIIIa receptor and can be loaded with up to 5 mg of mAb.



TSKgel® UP-SW Aggregate, 30 nm U/HPLC columns

Designed to facilitate the analysis of high MW proteins and mAb aggregates, TSKgel® UP-SW Aggregate columns
are the latest addition to the
UP-SW series of columns.



      SkillPak® 1 mL and 5 mL pre-packed columns

      SkillPak 1 mL and 5 mL pre-packed columns are designed for fast method development and resin screening of monoclonal antibodies, antibody constructs, oligonucleotides, proteins, and viruses. Pre-packed with TOYOPEARL®, TSKgel® or Ca⁺⁺Pure-HA® process media, these columns guarantee optimal performance.



      TOYOPEARL® AF-rProtein A HC-650F resin

      With demonstrated dynamic binding capacities of >70 g/L at residence times of 5 minutes, TOYOPEARL® AF-rProtein A HC-650F was designed to reduce production costs.


      LenS3 MALS detector

      LenS3® Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector

      The LenS3® MALS detector offers a revolutionary approach for the measurement of molecular weight (MW) and radius of gyration (Rg) of synthetic polymers, polysaccharides, proteins, and biopolymers. It is accompanied by SECview® software, offering seamless versatility from data acquisition to processing.



      EcoSEC® GPC Systems

      Engineered to deliver superior performance, unparalleled versatility and unmatched baseline stability for both systems: the new EcoSEC Elite® GPC System (up to 60 °C) and EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System (up to 220 °C).